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Know Agenda Foundation provides Fiscal Sponsorship in partnership with organizations and groups with community development missions that are without tax exempt status.

Fiscal Sponsorship includes (but is not limited to): financial oversight of donated funds, serving in an advisory role in organizational development and strategy, and assisting in grant writing in conjunction with the Sponsored Project. Sponsored Projects are independent organizations or groups that manage their own organizational and developmental affairs. 

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Fiscal Sponsorship is when a tax exempt nonprofit agrees to partner with or “sponsor” another project or organization that may not have tax-exempt status so the sponsored project can receive donations and grants. The sponsored project must be engaged in activities that would qualify as 501(c)(3) tax exempt activities.  

Fiscal Sponsorship is a fee-based arrangement that enables the sponsored organization to focus on their work "on the ground", while contracting with an experienced sponsor such as Known Agenda Foundation to provide specific financial management tasks.


Fiscal Sponsorship can save you time and money, as the process to obtain 501(c)(3) status and operate an organization can be time consuming and expensive.  Being fiscally sponsored can help new organizations or partnerships that need to "scale up" quickly or small organizations that do not have the capacity to perform fiscal administration or human resource functions.  A fiscal sponsor can bring different skill sets, ensure accurate reporting, and relieve the sponsored organization from liability and the complexity of personnel management.  All of these allow existing staff to focus on the activities that they do best.

Know Agenda Foundation can assist multiple organizations working together who may want one provider to provide fiscal administration for the partnership.  Fiscal sponsorship is an efficient, economic way to reduce the cost of running an organization and still maintain the integrity of the organization’s purpose.

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Donating (Online): At the bottom of each description is a donate link specific to each Sponsored Project. Transaction and service fees for the vendor that Know Agenda Foundation utilizes for donations (Stripe) charges a flat, non-profit rate of 2.2% + $.30 for each donation. If you choose to donate, it would be greatly appreciated if you helped cover this cost. (For example, for a $10.00 donation, the equation for the fee would be as follows: 10.00 x (.022) + .30 for a total of = $.52. Consequently, the amount that you would donate to cover the cost of the transaction and service fees would be: $10.52). ​

Donating (Mail): If you choose to donate by mail instead with a check, please click here to download the following form and follow the instructions. 
Please make your checks out to "Know Agenda Foundation" with the specific name of the Sponsored Project below in the memo line.

Black Food Fund (Portland, Oregon) Black Food Fund seeks to contribute to building just and resilient regional food economies that support ecological land stewardship, racial justice, and economic opportunity. The purpose of the Black Food Fund is to gather resources to address root causes and fuel transformative, Black-led change in regional food systems. Contributions to the Black Food Fund will support small grants, mid-to-long-term COVID economic recovery, and addressing key issues related to land justice, climate resiliency, and economic opportunity for Black land stewards and food entrepreneurs.


To donate to Black Food Fund, click the button below: ​
Catalyst Prompt (Wilmington, North Carolina) provides high quality support to students as they navigate their path to and through undergraduate college matriculation. Using a hybrid model of online content delivery and one-on-one coaching, Catalyst Prompt's professional coaches utilize life design methodologies to promote the connection between each student’s aspirations, talents, skills, and specific educational path to fulfill their career and life goals. Specifically, coaching is provided in the following areas: the college going and enrollment processes, career advising, financial literacy and aid, and mental health.


To donate to Catalyst Prompt, click the button below: ​
Come-Unity Impact (Portland, Oregon) is an organization that was established to aid in repairing the gap between the diverse African American community, professional communities, faith-based communities, community health workers and resource providers throughout Portland. ​

To donate to Come-Unity Impact, click the button below: ​
Gordly Burch Center for Black Leadership and Civic Engagement (Portland, Oregon) works to explore and honor the history of Black leaders and movements in Oregon and works to increase the number of Black leaders and policy makers across Oregon. Programming includes identifying and developing relationships with current Black elected officials and civic leaders statewide, developing a two track leadership development program (one focused on elected office and the other focused on Civic Engagement, including service on boards and commissions), mentorship, and the development of succession plans.

To donate to the Gordly Burch Center for Black Leadership and Civic Engagement, click the button below: ​
Hatfield Futures Project (Portland, Oregon) is managed by Oregon’s Kitchen Table, a program of the National Policy Consensus Center (NPCC) at Portland State University, the Hatfield Futures Project invites up to eight teams of high-school students to envision Oregon’s future by generating policy proposals to address important social, environmental, and economic issues. Teams collaborate to dream up forward-thinking ideas and subsequently present those proposals to community leaders, elected officials, and other members of the community at the Hatfield Futures Showcase.

To donate to the Hatfield Futures Project, click the button below: ​
Invisibility Project (Wilmington, North Carolina) is an organization that provides workshops, dance and spoken word performances, and consulting & training services focused on exploring the thoughts and feelings that arise between people when they are faced with interacting with someone of a different race.  ​

To donate to the Invisibility Project, click the button below: ​
A Labor of Love (Portland, Oregon) is the fundraising project of Birdsmouth Design-Build (a design firm) to support the efforts to save a home for an African-American family located in a historical neighborhood that has been impacted by gentrification. Birdsmouth is donating labor and management in order to redevelop this particular home to a livable condition - including partnering with various community partners for donations, reduced priced material, labor and other financial support. Birdsmouth will be providing project management. The objective is to fundraise to a goal of at least $55,000 in order to bring the home back to a healthy and livable condition and to support the historical community and family to maintain ownership and community ties.

To donate to A Labor of Love, click the button below: ​
PDX Alliance for Self-Care (PDX ASC) (Portland, Oregon) connects marginalized and vulnerable communities with self-care resources, practitioners, education, events, and advocacy. In addition, PDX ASC offers diversity training for practitioners who want to support our vision of community care by providing self- care resources. 

To donate to PDX Alliance for Self Care, click the button below: ​
Portland Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. June Key Delta Community Center Capital Campaign (Portland, Oregon) is the alumnae chapter in the state of Oregon of the national sorority organization. Centrally located in what was once known as the African- American area of Portland, members of Portland Alumnae Chapter (PAC) have been serving the communities of Oregon and SW Washington for over 75 years. In order to continue the impactful and necessary work Portland Alumnae does for the Portland/SW Washington area, the Capital Campaign engages in fundraising efforts to upgrade the June Key Delta Community Center, a community-based meeting space, to the highest of sustainable standards.


To donate to PAC/JKDCC, click the button below: ​
Shattered Ceiling Scholarship (Portland, Oregon) is an organization supported by an Advisory Group led by women that offers a scholarship each year to a female high school senior entering college or university for matriculation. ​


To donate to Shattered Ceiling Scholarship, click the button below: ​

Soul of Science (Portland, Oregon)  improves engagement on behalf of students of color in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through a comprehensive and complimentary science lessons and curriculum. The curriculum is culturally inclusive, supports asynchronous learning, trauma-informed, researched-based pedagogy, and complies with Standards as adopted by School Districts, State Departments of Education, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

To donate to Soul of Science  click the button below: ​
Values Based Mentorship (Portland, Oregon) equips young people with values-based living through mentorship so that they may live a life of significance to impact the lives of others.

To donate to Values Based Mentorship, click the button below: ​

​Know Agenda Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Oregon.
Therefore, any donation to a Sponsored Project below is also tax deductible.
​A donation receipt will be e-mailed to you for your records.

We sincerely thank you for your consideration and support in our efforts!​


Black Food Sovereignty Coalition (BFSC) (Portland, Oregon) convenes stakeholders in the building of a stronger organizational governance, land ownership and program development in the growing, producing, manufacturing, and distributing of food products.


Lanyi Fan (Portland, Oregon) supports international relationships that address high unemployment and environmental concerns in West Africa. Lanyi Fan invests in social business/enterprise opportunities to create revenue to impact social, economic, and environmental problems in both the United States and West Africa. Programming includes the facilitation of cross-cultural exchanges and the incubation of locally-generated solutions for locally identified problems.



Hydration Station (Portland, Oregon) works to support high poverty areas by integrating into communities to provide targeted service. This project is based in Old Town, Chinatown in Portland, Oregon.

Participatory Budgeting Oregon (PBO) (Portland, Oregon) advocates for the successful implementation of participatory budgeting in Oregon. This is done through a combination of advocacy and education with the eventual goal of supporting implementation and evaluation of Participatory Budgeting processes in Oregon. PBO’s near term goal is to support the successful implementation of the first pilot participatory budgeting process in the State of Oregon. 


PreSERVE Coalition (Portland, Oregon) aims to address and reduce health disparities that impact high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia and other conditions that impact brain health. PreSERVE believes in the healthy affirmation that celebrating the vitality of Black/African American culture brings to mind, body, and spirit. PreSERVE achieves its aims by engaging older Black/African Americans in the Pacific Northwest through learning, socialization, exercise, healthy eating, and the expressive arts.



Project Family First (Portland, Oregon) (PFF) has a mission is to reduce the disproportionate representation of Black children in the Oregon foster care system by providing culturally competent resources and support to families and communities. PFF strives to create a safe and equitable environment for all children and families in Oregon.To donate to Project Family First

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